Can I register my child with the club if they don’t live in the Hollywood neighborhood or attend Beverly Cleary School?

As long as you live in the geographic boundary served by Portland Public Schools, your son or daughter may register with any club of your choosing. It does not matter whether your child attends private school, public school, or is homeschooled. They are welcome to join Hollywood SC.

My child has never played soccer, but now shows an interest at the age of 12. Is it okay for them to play?

Absolutely. As long as your child shows a positive attitude towards learning a new sport, our club encourages new participants for any players from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

How are age groups assigned? What does it mean to be a U9 player?

In recreational soccer, players are assigned by the school grade they will begin in Fall, and not their age. Our Kinderkick program is for Kindergartners while U7 (“under 7”) is for 1st grade, U8 for 2nd grade, etc. up through U14 or 8th grade.

What is Kinderkick?

Kinderkick is a skill-building group at Hollywood Soccer for Kindergarten-aged players interested in soccer. For many players, this is their first time kicking a soccer ball. The team meets once per week to play various games centered around soccer and then play in a scrimmage with other players from the team. Registration in Kinderkick includes a team jersey.

What is Recreational (Rec) soccer?

Recreational soccer consists of both boys and girls leagues for U7-U14 (grades 1 through 8). It is available to players with or without any previous experience and is focused on providing soccer education and fitness along with team-building skills. Tryouts are not permitted. Players are not selected based on ability, however players may be organized into teams at discretion of coaching staff in order to provide balance within an age group.

What is Classic soccer?

"Classic" or competitive soccer is for U11-U14 play with selection to a team done strictly by tryout or at discretion of coaching staff. Fees for classic play are substantially higher that for recreation or DRL play and involve significant time commitments for practice and travel. For example, there may be significant overnight travel for weekend tournaments. HWSC is now affiliated with Northeast United (NEU), the combined competitive teams from both Alameda and Hollywood clubs. Please visit the website www.northeastunited.us further details on tryouts and registration.

My preschool-aged kid plays soccer and wants to join your club. Can I go ahead and sign them up for Kinderkick?

Our club has allowed some younger players to participate, but this has been of limited success. While we do not forbid participation, you should contact our Director of Coaching prior to registering your child to see if this program will be a good match.

My kid is pretty involved with a lot of extra-curricular activities. What is a typical week like?

For Fall league, if your child is Kindergarten-aged, they will have program activities scheduled for one weekday evening per week. The club schedules this on two different days per week to accommodate the large number of participants in this popular program as well as to provide parents with scheduling flexibility. There are no weekend games. If your child is in U7 or U8, they will have one week day practice in the afternoon or evening and one game scheduled on Saturdays. The game schedule will vary time-wise each week as will the location. If your child is U9 – U14, expect practices twice per week after school and one weekend game, same as above. If you are registering for Spring league, it is a game-only schedule unless your coach can make alternate plans for weekday practices (not common). All games are Saturdays except for one Sunday game. Spring league is for U7-U14.

Can my daughter play in a different age group than the one she's assigned to based on her school grade?

Generally, no. There are limited cases where a player may move up one age group if it is deemed appropriate by the coaching staff and the club Registrar. This is based on both the athletic / emotional maturity of the player and space availability. In very rare cases, players are allowed to play down. The decision to allow this is based on careful consultation with coaching staff, parents, and club Registrar.

I cannot afford to pay the registration fees, but my child really wants to participate. Are there scholarships?

Yes. Hollywood Soccer Club accepts players regardless of their ability to pay. Please contact the club Registrar prior to registering your child to request a scholarship. Hollywood Soccer Club also offers scholarships to cover uniforms and equipment.

Do I have to agree to the Parent Code of Conduct outlined in the registration process? Does my son have to agree to the Player Code of Conduct outlined in the registration process?

Yes. Completion of the registration process is your acknowledgement that you both have read (or had explained to your child) the codes of conduct for parents and players. Failure to agree to these codes is basis for automatic removal from Hollywood Soccer Club for current season. These codes are intended to provide a safe and fun environment for all participants in the program.

Can I coach or be an assistant coach for my daughter’s team?

Yes! Hollywood Soccer Club operates entirely with a volunteer coaching staff that consists primarily of parents of children that play in our club. At the younger levels, you don’t need advanced soccer skills in getting started. Portland Youth Soccer Association and our club provides training programs for folks interested in either becoming first-time coaches or improving their coaching skills. The club will pay applicable registration fees for coaches interested in attending. You may also serve as an assistant coach which is an excellent way to learn coaching skills and drills from experienced coaches. Whichever path you choose, register yourself as a parent volunteer through the regular registration process. Please note that, per requirement of both the Oregon Youth Soccer Association and PYSA, all parent volunteers are required to undergo an automated background disclosure verification at the time of registration. Contact our Director of Coaching with any further inquiries.

My daughter is a new player to Hollywood Soccer Club. Do I have to pay a late fee even though it is now August?

No. Kinderkick participants and any players new to the club will not be subject to a $10 late fee. During the registration process, U7-U14 players will be charged the $10 fee if paying by credit card (registration software requirement). However, an email message to the club Registrar on this topic will get you a refund. If paying by check, deduct any late fees indicated on the registration form before submitting it to the Registrar.

I still have questions. Who do I contact and how?

Please contact our club representatives by email only and not by phone with your questions. Use the ‘Club Contacts’ link to find email address of appropriate individual.