Programs and Philosophy

Q. What is Recreational (Rec) soccer?

Hollywood Soccer Club offers recreational soccer programs for players in Kindergarten (Kinderkick), and 1st through 8th grades (U7-U14). Recreational soccer is open to new and experienced soccer players. It offers soccer education and fitness development as well as team-building experiences. All players are welcome, there are no tryouts, and all players are given equal playing time during games. Players are typically organized into teams of boys or girls, and at the discretion of coaching staff to provide balance within an age group.

Q. What is Classic soccer?

Classic, or competitive soccer, is designed for U11-U14 players. Teams are created based on tryouts or at the discretion of coaching staff. Classic soccer fees are typically higher than for recreational soccer, and time commitments for practice and games are typically greater, including for travel to games and tournaments.

Q. What is Positive Coaching Alliance and what is Hollywood Soccer Club’s relationship with it?

Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) develops “Better Athletes, Better People” through resources for youth and high school sports coaches, parents, administrators and student-athletes. Hollywood Soccer Club is a proud partner of PCA, and we share its commitment to creating a positive culture in youth sports – one in which kids love to play the game. Our partnership includes, but is not limited to, regular workshops with PCA trainers for HWSC coaches, books and other materials for parents, and many online resources available through PCA's website.

Q. How can I volunteer to be a coach, assistant coach or board member?

Hollywood Soccer Club operates entirely with a volunteer staff that consists of parents of players and other people in our community. We welcome new coaches, assistant coaches and board members. The club provides relevant training and support for everyone, including those new to coaching. Coaches can register as such through the regular registration process. Please note that all volunteers are required to undergo an automated background disclosure verification at the time of registration. Questions? Contact us here.


Q. How are age groups assigned? What does U7-U14 mean?

In recreational soccer, levels correspond to a player's school grade in the Fall of a given year. Our Kinderkick program is for Kindergartners. U7 (“under 7”) is for 1st graders, U8 for 2nd graders, etc. up through U14 or 8th grade.

More information about our Kinderkick program is available here.

More information about our U7-U14 program is available here.

Q. Can I register my child with the club if they don’t live in the Hollywood neighborhood or attend Beverly Cleary School?

As long as you live in the Portland metro area, your son or daughter may register with any club of your choosing. It does not matter whether your child attends private school, public school, or is homeschooled. They are welcome to join Hollywood SC.

Q. My child has never played soccer, but now shows an interest at the age of 12. Is it okay for them to play with HWSC?

Absolutely. As long as your child shows a positive attitude towards learning a new sport, our club encourages new participants for any players from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Q. Can my child play in a different age group than the one s/he's assigned based on her school grade?

Generally, no. There are limited cases where a player may move up one age group if it is deemed appropriate by the coaching staff and the club Registrar. The decision is based on the athletic skill and emotional maturity of the player, and on space availability. In very rare cases, players are allowed to play down an age group. The decision is based on careful consultation with coaching staff, parents, and the club Registrar.

Q. Does HWSC have scholarships available based on financial need?

Yes, please contact the club Registrar *prior to registering your child* to request a scholarship. Hollywood Soccer Club also offers scholarships to cover uniforms and equipment.

Practice and Game Schedules

Q. What is the plan for practice time during the Spring 2019 season?

During a typical Spring season, our options for practice space are extremely limited due to the fact that Portland Parks & Recreation considers soccer to be a "secondary" sport to others such as lacrosse, rugby, baseball, and softball. Hollywood Soccer Club is one of the few PYSA clubs that has access to any practice space at all in the Spring due to our good relationship with The Madeleine School community. But the Spring 2019 season is not typical due to practice space constraints stemming from construction at Grant High School. We have access to the Madeleine School's field from 5-6pm on Thursdays during April and May, and need to accommodate both U7-U14 players and Kinderkick. We will host a series of clinics for U7-U14 players in April, and practice for Kinderkick in May. Please note that this is a temporary situation, and we expect to hold practice more frequently for U7-U14 players during the Spring 2020 season and beyond.

Q. When will I hear about my player's practice schedule?

Practice schedules are announced via email by a team's head coach, typically a week or two before the season's practices begin in Fall or Spring. If you haven't heard from your player's head coach within this time frame, please contact our club's Registrar here.

Q. Where can I find my player's game schedule?

Game schedules are available through your team's HWSC information site, and also through the Portland Youth Soccer association website here.

Q. What is a typical week like with practices and games?

Kinderkick players have program activities scheduled on one weekday evening per week for multiple consecutive weeks. The number of weeks varies depending on whether it's Fall or Spring season. There are no weekend games.

During the Fall season, U7 and U8 players normally practice on one weekday afternoon or evening per week, and play one game on Saturdays. During the Spring season, U7 and U8 players may or may not practice during the week, but play one game on Saturdays.

During the Fall season, U9–U14 players normally practice twice per week on weekday afternoons or evenings, and play one game on Saturdays. During the Spring season, U9-U14 players practice once per week on a weekday afternoon or evening, and play one weekend game, typically on Saturday.

Q. I still have questions. Who do I contact and how?

Email addresses for club contacts are listed here. If you're not sure who to contact, please use the General questions email.