Fall 2017 Registration

Fall registration is now open for U7-U14 players, Kinderkick, and coaches!

Register your U7-U14 player now and get a $10 discount through June 30th!

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Spring 2017 Kinderkick

Spring registration is now closed for Kinderkick players.

Registration is still open for Kinderkick coaches, though. Parents: we need your help to run this fantastic program!

Training dates this Spring for Kinderkick will be May 24, May 31 and June 7 at 5 pm.

Kinderkick is held on the front lawn of Grant High School for three 1-hour sessions that include fun skills, drills and scrimmaging with no set teams.

Wait until the season ends to pierce those ears!

Are pierced ears in the future for your soccer player? You might want to wait until soccer season ends to have them done.

PYSA has a no jewelry policy for games for safety, and players must remove their earrings and other jewelry before the game starts - no earlobe taping, flat plastic earrings or exceptions are allowed! Even under ideal conditions, pierced ears can take a minimum of 6 weeks to heal completely, and often need more time. Removing earrings from newly pierced ears for the duration of a game can lead to pain when they’re replaced, or even worse, closed holes.

HWSC wants to encourage harmonious coexistence between ear piercing and soccer playing. To avoid the potential heartbreak, discomfort and expense of dealing with pierced ear complications, we recommend waiting until soccer season ends to get them pierced. And a group ear piercing expedition could be just the thing for soccer friends to wrap up a season.

Jerseys are available at Far Post's Eastside Location

All Hollywood Soccer Club U7-U14 players are required to play in the Hollywood Soccer Club’s uniform jersey.

Far Post Soccer Supply, our jersey vendor, has a store in our neighborhood, located inside Rose City Futsal.

Far Post's Eastside location is 5010 NE Oregon Street, Portland, Oregon 97213.